The Wide World of Martial Arts Knowledge and Learning

At Long White Cloud Kung Fu we teach a broad range of martial arts skills.  We teach effective short range striking and kicking techniques, skills derived from the different animal styles, an array of traditional weapons, joint locking and throwing (Chin Na), trapping hands (Phon Sau), body conditioning, qigong (energy …

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Katana Workshop

We have an interesting seminar lined up for you in November: Train in the ways of the Samurai to become proficient with the Katana, the soul of the Warrior.  The seminar will include solo training exercises and partner training exercises. Presented by Kyoshi Ray Porter – 10th Degree Te-jutsu, 7th …

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Tournament Photos and Videos

This gallery contains 89 photos.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Kung Fu tournament today!  And a big thankyou to everyone who helped with making it run smoothly. Here are a couple of highlights videos: We also have some amazing still photos from the tournament thanks to Asa Wendelborn and Mark Stinson.  You can see …

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