Tournament Review 2015 – Photos and Videos

The Long White Cloud Kung Fu Tournament on Saturday September 19th was a tournament of firsts.  We had an all girls sparring division for the first time ever! This was very exciting to see and we hope this will encourage more girls to get involved with competition in the future. We had several junior students act as officials for the first time, including Emil Roding and Jack Stevens who acted as centre ring judge for several events and Max Teape, Jack Adams, James Stinson and Michael Stinson who helped with sideline judging and score keeping.  It was also the first time we had some junior student’s move up and compete in the Adult events (James and Michael).  And finally it was the first time we had a cutting demonstration with live swords at a tournament.

I was very pleased to see the level of healthy competition at the tournament.  For me healthy competition means that you challenge yourself and your opponent to do your best.  You aim for success, but you are happy to see others succeed as well.  When we compete like this we all ‘win’ as our skills and mental and physical resilience improve and we develop camaraderie with our fellow competitors.  It was particularly great to see the healthy competitive spirit of our Little Dragons in the Sumo competition.  This was the largest competition division we have had so far with fourteen entrants, and it was great to see them all giving their best.

This tournament also had the most individual events we have ever had at a tournament so far, with ten different events on the day.  We thank you for bearing with as we ran rather late with our schedule as the day progressed.  We will take lessons learned into account when planning the next tournament.  We look forward to an even bigger event at our next tournament with additional events that we were unable to run this time, and we hope that some of those who weren’t able to enter this time will be able to make it next time.  One of the events we are hoping to run next time is A -Class sparring… something to look forward to and prepare for.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the tournament this year, and thankyou to all those who came along to support and watch, and a very big thankyou to everyone who helped out acting as officials and in other roles as well. It takes a lot of organization and many helping hands to run a tournament smoothly and we couldn’t do it without you.

Below is a brief highlights video and a few photos from the day:



4 Sumo 5 Sumo 6 Big and Small 7 Girls Sparring 8 Teens Sparring 9 Teens Knives 10 Teens Sticks 11 Teens Sticks 12 Teens Sticks 13 Weapons Demos 14 Weapons Demos 15 Weapons Demos 16 Weapons Demos 17 Weapons Demos 18 Weapons Demos 19 Weapons Demos 20 Adults Knives 21 Adults Knives 22 Adults Knives 23 Tough Calls 24 Gold at last 25 Adult Sparring 26 Adult Sparring 30 Champions 31 Champions 32 Champions 33 Champions 34 Champions 35 Champions 36 Champions 37 Champions 38 Champions 39 Champions 00 Prep 0 Prep 01 Prep 1 Sumo 2 Sumo 3 Sumo


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