Syllabus Review – Sparring

Recently the Long White Cloud Kung Fu Black Belts had a meeting to review our teaching syllabus, and as a result we will be implementing some changes to the syllabus specifically regarding sparring.

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Sparring is one of the most fun and challenging parts of martial arts training and essential for skill development (check out this article for just how valuable sparring is for your training). Up until now, while sparring has been available to students early on in their training, it has not been mandatory until preparing for black belt grading. Moving forwards we would like to help students to make a more gradual transition into developing sparring skills, so sparring will now be open to ALL students and sparring exercises will now be a part of grading requirements at all levels in a graduated way.

As part of our review we have also made some alterations to the competition sparring rules and divisions to make it easier for students to make a start in entering competitions.  You can find an outline of the modified competition rules and divisions here: Sparring Rules Revision 2015.

The new sparring exercise requirements for different belt levels are listed below:

  • Yellow Belt    – One punch sparring
  • Orange Belt   – One punch or one kick sparring (new C-Class)
  • Green Belt     – Mass attack empty hand
  • Blue Belt        – B-Class sparring (same as old C-Class
  • Brown Belt    – Weapons sparring
  • Red Belt         – A-Class sparring
  • Black Belt      – Multiple opponents and weapons defence (same as current requirements).

We look forward to having a lot of fun as students step up their sparring skills as part of their kung fu training!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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