September 13th Tournament Program

Hi everyone, below is the program for the Tournament on September 13th.  There is also a brief summary of rules below the event times.

  • Date: Saturday September 13th
  • Location: Takapuna Normal Intermediate School
  • Spectator Entry: $5 or $10 for a family
  • Times are approximate. Competitors need to arrive at least 30min before the start of their event
  • 9:00am       —Welcome and Registration
  • 9:30am       —Kids & Little Dragons Sumo
  • 10:30am     —Kids Sparring
  • 11:00am     —Junior Forms
  • 11:30am     —Kids Knife Sparring
  • 12:30pm     —Black Belt Demonstrations
  • 1:00pm       —Adult Knife Sparring
  • 1:30pm        —Adult Push Hands


  • Score three points to win.  Points are scored by driving your opponent from the ring or by causing some part of your opponent’s body other than their hands or feet to touch the ground.
  • Allowed: pushing, hooking with arms, hooking with legs
  • Not allowed: punching, kicking, grabbing with hands, touching the head or neck

C-Class Sparring

Score three full points within the round to win immediately.  If the round ends without a clear winner, half points are counted.  If necessary there is a one minute sudden death overtime in which the first full point scored wins.

Full points:

  • Three consecutive strikes and/or kicks
  • Clean kick to the head
  • Driving your opponent from the ring

Half points:

  • Any clean strike or kick without return
  • Any clean takedown


Competitors demonstrate a form and applications of techniques from the form.  They are then scored on: Precision, Character, Understanding of the form.

Knife Sparring

Full points may be scored in the same ways as for C-Class sparring.  There are no half points.  Points are also scored for each cut delivered.  If the cut is to the body, the point is scored immediately.  If the cut is to a limb, the opponent has three seconds to attempt to cut back.  If a cut is returned within the three seconds, no points are scored and this is a double cut.

It takes three points to win.  If there are five double cuts within the  round, both opponents lose.

Fixed Step Push Hands

Once the feet are set they cannot be lifted from the ground.  Opponents may touch between the hips and the shoulders..  They may pull with only one hand at a time, but push with two.  Points are awarded for causing you opponent to move their feet or put some other part of their body on the ground without moving your own feet.





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