2013 Timetable Changes at Takapuna

Below is a draft of the revised timetable for Takapuna HQ in 2013 (these changes do not affect other locations).  I would like your feedback before these are finalized.   Please read the notes below about some of the significant changes.

Junior Class Changes

  • Little Dragons – We are looking at introducing a separate class in Takapuna for students aged 5-8 years.  We have several students in this age bracket and we love having them in class.  We think we may be able to better meet their needs with a smaller class size and shorter class time, we will also run a modified syllabus for this age group.  At other locations these students will still be integrated into the other kid’s classes.
  • Class Time Changes – We are planning on moving the class times for the other Junior classes at Takapuna a little later in the afternoon.  This will hopefully make it easier for all students to arrive on time for class as I know a number of students struggle at the moment.  Class times at other locations will remain the same at this point.
  • Separate Kids and Teens Sparring Classes – The students that have started sparring all love it!  These separate class times will help us to accommodate more students sparring and help to make sure they match up against students of similar age to themselves.

Adults Class Changes

  • New Term Classes – several timeslots have been allocated for classes which will be run on a term basis.  This will allow for material to be taught in a more structured way to facilitate better learning outcomes. Students will enrol and pay for these classes term by term and the class topics will change according to demand.  We have quite an extensive list of classes that can be offered during these terms including:
  1. Self Defence: Basic Self Defence, Womens Only Self Defence, Defence Against Knives and Other Common Weapons, Advanced Self Defence
  2. Qigong: Qigong Foundation Practices, Release The Power of Your Breath, Between Heaven and Earth, Enter the Flow, Qigong Theory, Qigong Meditations
  3. Healing: Energy Healing Concepts, Body Massage, Chinese Reflexology, Stretching and Mobilization
  4. Advanced Kung Fu Topics: Advanced Conditioning, Advanced Weapons Training, Stage Fighting… and many others
  •  Miscellaneous Changes – The sparring nights have changed a little and we have added another Advanced Kung Fu session to provide greater flexibility for our new red belts!  The sport fighting class has been converted to an open mat session for now.  We can schedule another sportfighting class in the future if necessary.

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