5 Ways To Tie Your Martial Arts Belt

Theres been a bit of discussion about belt tying at class lately, for something so simple there are a lot of ways of accomplishing the task, and each has advantages and disadvantages.  So I’ve made some videos showing five different ways to tie your belt and some of the pro’s and cons of each.  You can choose whichever method you like, the main thing is that you bring your belt to training and keep it tied up during class.

Method 1. Fast and Easy

This method is the one I use most of the time.  It is the simplest and easiest to learn.  Also if you belt comes untied during training, this is the fastest way to tie it back up again.


Method 2. Super Neat and Tidy

This method lines the layers of the belt up so that there is no crossover at the back, the downside is that it takes longer to do.

Method 3. Super Secure

Similar to method 1, the super secure method tucks each end of the belt down between the two layers wrapped around your waist.  This makes it harder for the knot to come undone. This method is a little trickier, but is great for if you’re doing a lot of grappling or just finding that your belt is coming undone too often.

Method 4. Super Complicated

This method really is quite complicated but it is also very secure.  Another feature of tying your belt this way is that it uses more of the belt length, so it is good if your belt is a bit long, but not so good if it is a bit short.

Method 5. Super Stylish

Yeah, basically it looks stylish.  You end up with your knot on your side instead of at the front which is more similar to a sash as often used in Chinese Martial Arts.  A downside of this is that if you fall on your side you may land on the knot which would be uncomfortable, you are much less likely to land on the knot at the front.


Here are the different ways of tying your belt done fast.  Pick the one that suits you best.



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