Knife Defence

Unfortunately knife violence is becoming a more common occurence in our society.  It is becoming more and more important for individuals to know how to protect themselves from these weapons.

We have a basic knife defence workshop coming up that will give you a great start on how to stay safe from these threats.  This will be great training both for beginners and martial artists alike.

This workshop will give a clear understanding of the danger of knives and how to approach them.  It will develop key defensive skills:

  • Avoiding the blade and protecting the vital organs
  • Using objects to deflect, distract and entangle
  • Using the legs to maintain range
  • Engaging with the arms
  • Controlling the blade

This workshop will be followed by intermediate and advanced workshops to help students develop a high level of proficiency in defending against a knife.

Below are a couple of videos that will be used as part of the basic knife defence workshop.

Contact me at to book in for the workshop.



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