Apache Knife Fighting – Mini Seminar

Ray Porter is running some mini-seminars on Apache Knife Fighting (Ray ran the recent ‘Samurai Training Camp’ which was enjoyed by some of our students).

This is a practical style of knife fighting that was adopted by the American special forces during World War II.

He has offered to run one of these seminars for us at our training facility if we have enough students interested in attending.

  • Date:  Saturday 23rd of July
  • Time: 1-3pm
  • Cost: $25

It is always useful to be able look at things from different perspectives and find other ways of doing things, so I encourage all adult students to attend this seminar if they are able to.  I am sure you will come away with new insights into how a knife can be used.  If you would like to attend this mini-seminar, please let me know and prepay as soon as you are able – this will help us to know if we will have enough attendees to run the course.  If there are not enough attendees your money will be refunded.


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