I’m not very fit, should I get fit first before starting Kung Fu?

Long White Cloud Kung Fu classes are designed to help you get fit.  You are welcome to come along and get started whatever your current level of fitness is.  Your Kung Fu training will also help to provide you with goals and motivation to improve your overall fitness.

Is There Anything Special I Need To Bring For Kung Fu Classes?

No, just yourself and a good attitude. To begin with you can train in comfortable exercise clothes, later on you will want to get a uniform for practical reasons, but this is not necessary to begin with.

What Should I Expect From My First Class?

Because Kung Fu is a complex art, different classes will focus on different things.  One class you might focus on kicking and punching technique, another class animal forms, another class sensitivity exercises (chi sau) and so on.  This keeps your training interesting and engaging.

You can expect their to be a similar structure to each class though.  The class will begin with some simple warmups and  stretching followed by some strength and fitness exercises (pushups, situps etc).  You can do each of these exercises to your own level and your instructor will help you to modify any exercises if necessary.  You will then continue to warm up with basic kicks and punches before moving on to the specific focus of the class.  at the end of the class you will do some conditioning exercises and simple qigong to cool down.

Where Can I Get A Kung Fu Uniform From?

Uniform items can be obtained through your instructor. Talk to them about what you need and they will order it for you.

If I Do Kung Fu, Do I Have To Fight?

Kung Fu is great for practical self defence.  As part of your training you will practice controlled applications with training partners to become familiar and comfortable with using your Kung Fu in contact with an opponent.  You will also have the opportunity to engage in sparring (controlled fighting practice) if you would like.  This is not required until you are preparing for your black belt, but it is highly recommended that you start sparring as soon as you are able to.

How Long Will It Take Me To Get My Black Belt?

Everyone is different.  Factors such as prior martial arts training, natural co-ordination and attention to details will have a big influence on how quickly you progress in your training. The biggest factor overall though will be perseverance.  On average a student can expect it to take between 3 and 7 years to reach blackbelt if they are training regularly, but the main thing is to enjoy the journey along the way.

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