Kung Fu Performance

At Long White Cloud Kung Fu we believe that performance is a valuable and useful part of martial arts training.  It encourages us to try to do the best we can, and helps us to focus on doing things in an elegant and graceful way rather than in just a functional but possibly clumsy way.  This helps us to become better and more skilled martial artists.  It is also a lot of fun.
At Long White Cloud Kung Fu we find opportunities to participate in live demonstrations of our martial art.  We also find other avenues for performance and our students have appeared in well known TV shows and feature films.

Coming up in 2015 we will be running Action Movie Making workshops for junior students in the school holidays, to teach the basics of performing action for the screen, and also to make some of our own fun short action films.  We will also be establishing a regular Stunts and Performance class for adults and advanced junior students to help them develop and refine their martial arts performance skills.

If you are interested in martial arts performance contact us here to see how you can get involved.

You can also see some of the videos from previous Action Movie Making workshops below:


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