Kung Fu Weapons

At Long White Cloud Kung Fu alongside your traditional Southern Five Animals Kung Fu training, you will also learn traditional weapons.  On the path to Blackbelt these will include the pole, Chinese broadsword, double knives, double short sticks and double broadswords.  After Blackbelt you will be encouraged to explore a much wider variety of both traditional and non-traditional weapons.

There is a lot of value in learning to use traditional weapons.  They connect us to the history of our art, but they also teach us practical lessons that we can use today.

Some of the weapons can easily be applied to practical self defence application using commonly found objects, particlarly poles (think broom and mop handles), short sticks, and some of the whipping techniques (think belts and items of clothing).

Other weapons we may not have ready access to or particularly want to use in self defence situations (I don’t know about you but I don’t generally have a sword accessible to me unless I am at the kung fu studio), but we learn other lessons from these.  We learn how the weapon works, so we can better defend ourselves against them should we ever be attacked with them.  We also learn valuable lessons about different types of power generation with each of the different weapons, and this flows over into our physical development and unarmed Kung Fu training.

It is also a lot of fun to challenge yourself with mastering a new weapon!

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