Five Animals Kung Fu

At Long White Cloud Kung Fu we teach authentic Southern Five Animal Style Kung Fu.  The fighting movements based on each of the animals teach the student different tactics and strategies and challenge the students body in different ways.

By learning and practicing each of the animals we become flexible and adaptable, we discover our strengths and we also discover our weaknesses and work to make them strong so that we can be well rounded and balanced.

The Tiger is the biggest and strongest of the animals in the five animal styles, and its movements emphasis the use of strength in conquering an opponent.  The Tiger style emphasizes strong low stances and powerful clawing, grabbing and clubbing movements. The Tiger has a direct approach to conflict dealing with threats head on.

The Snake is the most flexible of the animals.  It uses this flexibility in smooth flowing movements to evade and tie up its opponents, finishing with precision strikes to vulnerable targets. The Snake never takes its opponents force straight on, it subtly redirects the force while pressing in to smother and restrict further attacks.

The Crane has long flexible limbs and is light on its feet.  Its most outstanding attribute is its balance.  It prefers to keep opponents at a distance and will use its long legs and graceful sweeping motions of its wings to evade and keep an opponent at bay.  When necessary at close range the crane will use sharp pecks with its beak to vulnerable targets and strikes with its hard head to see off an attacker.

The Leopard is built for speed.  It is not as large as the Tiger so is not able to take its opponents head on in the same way, but with its speed and agility it is able to get above or below, to the side or behind its opponent’s guard.  The Leopard launches its whole body into its attacks.

The Dragon is a mythical creature that puts together many attributes.  To some extent it has the speed of the Leopard, the balance of the Crane, the flexibility of the Snake and the strength of the Tiger.  It puts all of these attributes together in its own unique way.  It combines short sharp direct punches and kicks with powerful turning and swinging blows. Its constant twisting and turning helps it to evade, overwhelm and defeat multiple opponents.

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