Kung Fu Fitness

Kung Fu is great for health and fitness.  Kung Fu uses every part of your body and challenges it in ways that other activities do not.  Practicing the animal styles you will naturally develop strength, flexiblity, balance and speed.  You will also develop hand eye co-ordination and sensitivity by working on partnered drills.

Combine this with calisthenics (pushups, pullups and other bodyweight execises) and the vigorous activity of punching and kicking and you have a great formula for maintaining a well balanced and healthy body.

The structure of the Long White Cloud syllabus encourages you to set goals for yourself to continually increase your fitness and develop your knowledge by learning new techniques. There is a lot to learn, and this will keep your mind active as well as your body.  Much more interesting than going to the gym and doing the same thing each time.

Some people worry about not being fit enough to do Kung Fu. They think they should get fit first and then they’ll try Kung Fu.  This is backwards thinking.  By starting Kung Fu you will be getting yourself on the road to fitness.  All the exercises we do are scalable, you will be able to do them at a level you can handle and gradually increase them as you get fitter.  Our instructors will help to guide you in doing this.

If you want to improve your health and fitness contact us about a trial class now.



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