Long White Cloud Kung Fu aims to be New Zealand’s premier martial arts organization.  We are young, vital and growing with deep roots steeped in tradition and culture.

The Name ‘Long White Cloud Kung Fu’

When the first immigrants travelled to New Zealand they came by sea.  The first indication they had that they were nearing their destination was the appearance of a long white cloud sitting on the horizon indicating the presence of land.  Thereafter New Zealand came to be known as Aotearoa or the land of the long white cloud.  The long white cloud which hangs over New Zealand brings life to the land, creating a healthy, lush, green environment where all types of creatures can live and thrive.  The environment is fresh, vibrant and energetic.

Long White Cloud Kung Fu follows a great Chinese tradition of naming kung fu styles after the place in which they are located.  Our environment has a great effect on our activities and ways of thinking and living.  This cannot and should not be avoided.  To prosper in our lives and activities we must be in harmony with our environment and society.  Long White Cloud Kung Fu draws on the best of ancient practices from China and applies them to the New Zealand environment.  Like it’s name sake, Long White Cloud Kung Fu is fresh and vibrant as an organization always growing and adapting to create a healthy environment where its students and practitioners can thrive.


Long White Cloud Kung Fu teaches many kung fu styles to suit the needs of its students.  To begin with students learn the basics of Southern Chinese Boxing for ease and practicality of application before going on to learn five animal kung fu.  Learning the different animal styles will help the student to become versatile in their movement and tactics and also help the student to discover their natural strengths and weaknesses.  At advanced stages students are encouraged to choose for themselves specialised kung fu skills to master which suit their interests and personality and accentuate their natural strengths. These include such skills as Praying Mantis kung fu, Iron Palm, Qigong and Traditional Weaponry.


Long White Cloud is currently based in Auckland, New Zealand.  We have a full time headquarters with training facility, clinic, and uniform supplies at the North Shore Kung Fu and Qigong Health Centre, and several satellite classes in school and community halls.  If you do not live near a venue where we hold our classes, get in touch with us here as the organization is growing and we are looking to open new classes soon.

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