Administrative Changes 2017

There will also be some administrative changes in 2017:

Term Breaks

Classes will now be held only in term times. We will break for school holidays between terms. Currently classes are often quite quiet during school holidays, so people are taking this break anyway. It is healthy to take a break from time to time so that you can come back refreshed and refocused for the next period of training. That is why we have school holidays, to allow this refreshing and renewal to take place, and this applies to adults as much as it does to children. Running classes only during term time will make it easier for everyone to take a break when they need it.

For those who would really like to keep training through the holidays, it is likely that some locations will run special classes during the breaks, and students from all locations will be welcome to attend. This can be a good opportunity to visit a different location and maybe learn from a different teacher and mix with different students. They say a change can be as good as a holiday too! These special training sessions will be announced as they come up.


With the shift to classes being run only during term time, this will make payment of fees by the term a more attractive option for many people, including adults.

These fees are due at the beginning of the term. Chasing fees can be a big drain on instructor time, so we appreciate you being prompt with your payments.  There will also still be the option of paying weekly if you prefer. When set up as an automatic payment these are not payments for individual classes, they are a way of spreading the cost of the term out across the term. Most students should be planning on attending classes regularly and therefore paying for the whole term, even if they miss a week here or there, and you are still welcome to make up missed classes by attending at another location.

If you wish to pay for individual classes there is a higher casual rate which you can pay if you wish. Processing and monitoring payments is a significant time cost which is why there is a higher rate for casual payment or payments that need monitoring. We work hard to keep our fees as affordable as possible, but timely payment of fees is important to allow us to continue to do this.

All students will have access to the online training resources on payment of term fees. So please make sure that your contact details are up to date with your instructor, including email address, so that you can receive the link to register for this.

Starting in 2017 the finances of each location will be run separately. You will still be able to attend classes at all locations after paying your fees, but you will need to nominate which is your ‘home’ location. This should be the place where you attend classes most regularly.  If you are not sure which location you should nominate as your home location, send us an email and we will help you to decide.

There will be different bank accounts to pay the fees to for different locations, and no fees should be paid to the old bank account. So make sure you check the details of your payment before sending it through. It is also important to include the name of the student in the reference for your payment so that it can be identified easily.

You can find full details of fees for 2017 on the website here.



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