Lantern Festival Demonstration

The Lantern Festival was great, and we really enjoyed performing our Kung Fu demonstration there.  For many students it was the first time participating in a demonstration and they all did really well.  A big thankyou to everyone who helped out in different ways with transport, moving gear, manning cameras, giving out flyers and announcing our items.

You can see the highlights from the demonstration below:

We look forward to more opportunities in the future for our students to participate in demonstrations.

LF 2015 Line up smLF 2015 Emil sm LF 2015 Group sm LF 2015 Kick smLF 2015 Crane smLF 2015 Dragon smLF 2015 Pole smLF 2015 Scott Whips Cut smLF 2015 Simon Bil Jee smLF 2015 Steve Ladder smLF 2015 Er Jie Gun 2 sm

LF 2015 Leopard smLF 2015 Nico Ladder sm




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