Women’s Self Defence Courses

If there is enough interest we will be running some women’s self defence courses this term.

The courses will cover important aspects of awareness and avoidance and teach physical skills to deal with unexpected attacks.  There will also be a fitness component as this is an important part of self defence (but nothing too extreme).

Will will also be using the Redman suit towards the end of the course, so you get to hit me in the face! 😉

You can read comments from people who have attended previous self defence courses here

There will be one course on Tuesday mornings at 10am and another on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  The cost of the full eight weeks will be $100.

The Tuesday morning classes start on 5th of August and the Wednesday ones will start on 6th of August.

If you would like to attend, please let me know by next Friday (1st August) at the latest.


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