Tournament Postponed!

The tournament that was scheduled for this Saturday (24th of November) has been postponed.  The next Long White Cloud Kung Fu tournament will now be in the new year.  You can see provisional dates for events next year on the Calendar Page.


N.B. These details are provisional at this time, some details may change depending on the number of competitors entered for different events.


  • Date: 24th November 2012
  • Location: Takapuna Normal Intermediate School (50 metres down the road from the Takapuna headquarters)
  • Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm Juniors, 2:00pm – 4:00pm Adults
  • Cost: Spectators $5, Competitors $25 for one event, $10 per additional event
  • Contact:

Registration and Event Details

Junior Events

Sumo: This is open to all graded students, the object is to push your opponent out of the ring or onto the ground.

Forms: This is open to all graded students, the student selects one of the forms they have learned and performs it for the judges.  The student is marked on 1. Accuracy of their performance, 2. Finesse and Posture  3. Energy, Power and Spirit

C-Class Sparring: This is open to students Green Tip or above.  This is a light contact type of sparring.  Full points are awarded for three consecutive strikes and/or kicks, clean kicks to the head, and driving your opponent from the ring.  Half points are awarded for single clean strikes and kicks or clean takedowns.  Competitors must have approved protective gear and have participated in sparring prior to the tournament.

The number of divisions and running of each event will depend on the number of entrants for each event.


Registration forms will be available at your normal classes, please return these registrations as soon as possible as this will help with event planning and finalizing of divisions.

Adult Events

We hope to have a C-Class and a B-Class division for a sparring competition.  C-Class is open to Yellow, Orange and Green Belts.  B-Class is open to Blue, Brown and Red Belts.

If you have any questions about registration or any of the details, please contact me.


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