HQ Timetable Update

The class timetable at the Takapuna studio has been updated, you can see the timetable here.

The 6pm adults class is now a sportfighting class, and there is a junior sparring class at 4pm on Fridays.

These classes are a great way to start getting ready for the tournament at the end of March. 

The sportfighting class will be particularly good for adults who will be fighting in B-Class this time, all graded adult students are welcome to attend though. 

The junior sparring class will give the opportunity for much more sparring than can be included in regular classes.  Junior students orange belt and up may attend this class.  The cost will be $10 per class and students must book in ahead of time. 

All students who wish to spar must have the appropriate safety equipment.  At minimum this is hand protector, shin/instep protector and mouthguard.  These are available quite inexpensively at the Takapuna studio.  Additional equipment such as groin protectors and head protectors are also available if desired.  You can see prices here


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