Long White Cloud Kung Fu is 1 Year Old This Month!

While the kung fu we practice has roots going back literally thousands of years, our organization ‘Long White Cloud Kung Fu’ has just barely turned one year old.

It has been an eventful year, full of challenges and lots and lots of ‘hard work’, many ‘firsts’ and many successes.  It is exciting to see how much we have grown and developed as an organization over this time. 

We have three new black belts in Oliver Wise, Aaron Peri and Michael Kan joining our existing black belts Owen Thomas, Adrian van den Bemd and myself.  All three of these students have come from a background of extensive martial arts training over many years in other organizations and have enthusiastically taken to the Long White Cloud Kung Fu Syllabus.  We have many other students who are also progressing well and we look forward to our next group of black belts graduating in the near future.  It is also exciting to see our new black belts continue to develop as they begin their specialisation development.

The junior classes have grown tremendously, with approximately 70 junior students now training.  Many of these students show great potential!  We look forward to their ongoing development.

One of the ‘firsts’ we have to look forward to soon is our first tournament to be held on Saturday September 24th at Takapuna Normal Intermediate School.  This is going to be an exciting event, which will be a great test of skill and learning experience for all those who participate.  In the future we hope to expand these tournaments to include junior students and further categories of competition.  These tournaments will become a much anticipated part of our annual calendar.

Another important first coming soon is the launch of the new Long White Cloud Qigong syllabus.  Qigong develops the internal power that is necessary at the highest levels of Kung Fu and also provides great value in developing strength, resilience, health and vitality.  More details of this soon.

As I look back over the achievements of the last year, I am very grateful for all those who have contributed to the success of Long White Cloud Kung Fu.  I am grateful to every student who turns up to classes and makes them enjoyable and challenging.  I am grateful to every student who practices their kung fu at home in their own time so they progress faster.  Your success is my success and it gives me great satisfaction to see you improve and achieve.  I am grateful to the students who ask me questions and press me for further knowledge and training.  This motivates me to continue with the ongoing process of developing this organization and the knowledge and skills we teach.  I am particularly grateful to those who assist in the teaching of classes, as this makes my load easier and also helps students by exposing them to different teaching styles.

As I look forward to the future of Long White Cloud Kung Fu, I look forward to many more exciting ‘firsts’.  I anticipate that there will be a lot more ‘hard work’ to achieve them, but that this work will be rewarding and fulfilling.  I look forward to your ongoing support and development as we work together towards this future.

John Munro

Founder, Long White Cloud Kung Fu



  1. Congratulations, John, on the birthday of your own kung fu school!
    Training at the Long White Cloud Kung Fu is very enjoyable and educational under your instruction. Thank you for your knowledge that you share with us and your patience.

  2. Thank you for all the hard work.It really shows you have put alot of time and thought into the school. And to top it off you have structure and a goal in place to make it happen.
    I look forward to being part of the school and seeing it grow and mastering my specialisation.

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