Tournament – Essential Pre-registration

The date of our planned tournament is fast approaching.  I think this will be a great experience for everyone involved. 

As it is the first tournament we have run, and the first to use the rule set we will be using, the tournament will require a steep learning curve for all those who wish to participate.  It will also require a lot of work and some cost to make all the necessary preparations.  To facillitate these preparations we will be requiring pre-registration for these events so that we can book an appropriate venue, have the appropriate equipment available and so on.

Sportfighting and Judging Seminar

The date for this is set for Saturday August 13th

This seminar will run for 2 hours and will look at the rules we will be fighting under from both the fighters and judges perspective.  Attendees will get the chance to both observe and participate in mock bouts in a properly set up ring to get a feel for how the rules work in practice.  On the day of the tournament we will need people not just to fight, but to judge as well (and possibly do both, depending on numbers). 

Please come along whether you are interested in fighting, judging or just understanding the rules we will be using better.

The cost for this will be $25 and you need to register by Friday 5th August. Time TBA


The date for the tournament itself is set for Saturday 24th September.  We need to know numbers ahead of time so that we can plan whether we will just have one division or several, the card for the day, how long we will need the venue we hire for and so on.

Registration to enter the tournament will need to be in by August 19th (shortly after the seminar, so you can get comfortable with the rules first).  Cost for entering will be $25.

At this stage we are also planning on allowing spectators for minimal cost, maybe $5, to be confirmed once we have the venue booked.

It is natural for people to feel nervous when entering a tournament for the first time, but I hope that a lot of our students will enter this inaugural event.  As mentioned earlier, the tournament will require a steep learning curve for those involved.  As such we do not expect the standard of fighting at this first tournament to be particularly high, what we do expect is that it will provide an excellent learning experience for the fighters and lay the foundation for future events at which we expect the standard to improve quite rapidly.

The tournament rules have been designed to encourage fighting behaviour that is useful in real world situations, while maintaining safety as our top priority.  The pressure of competition helps to replicate the pressure and stress of a real fight.  Your opponent is really trying to hit you with every shot as it counts!  This helps to focus the mind and get out of sometimes lazy habits which can develop in training when you partner is being nice to you.

I hope that students will make the most of this opportunity and not hold back from entering because they don’t think they know enough yet, or that they aren’t at peak fitness, or they don’t think they will win.  Win or lose the experience of being in the competition will help your kung fu greatly.


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