Protective equipment now available from Long White Cloud Kung Fu

We will now be carrying basic protective equipment in stock for your convenience.  Additional optional items can be ordered in at your request.

Basic Protective Gear

Elasticised Hand Protector - Black - pair

Black elasticised hand protectors: $16 a pair

Protective Elasticised Shin-Instep - Black

Black elasticised shin/instep protector: $25 a pair

Mouthguards - senior

Basic mouthguard: $5

Optional Extra Protective Equipment

SDMP Shock Doctor Mouthguard

Additional mouthguards: extensive range, prices vary – these can be ordered in at your request

Black Protective Sparring Headguard Taekwondo

Sparring head gear: $45

Elasticised Forearm Protector Black

Black elasticised forearm protectors: $21 a pair

Econoguard Female Chest Protector

Female chest protector: $35

Protective Elasticised Groin Guard

Groin guard: $16