Syllabus Re-alignment

Looking at the new badges, some of you will have noticed that the colours of the animals on the five animal fist kung fu badge matches the colour of several of the belts in the grading system.

A lot of work has gone on lately to bring the Adults and Junior syllabus in line with each other in order to ease the transition as students move up into a new age group.  All age groups will now be learning essentially the same syllabus.  At yellow belt students will learn the basics of southern Chinese boxing, orange belt – tiger, green belt – snake, blue belt – crane, brown belt – leopard, red belt – dragon and black belt – advanced fighting concepts and application. 

The syllabus will still be age appropriate in that Teens will learn material in more depth than Kids, and Adults will learn in even more depth than Teens and will also be required to do conditioning exercises.  This will make it easy for students to move up from one age group to the next as they will be able to keep their current grade, they will just wear a white tip on their belt until they have caught up on any additional content they need to learn for that grade in the new age group.

This is an exciting change that will make the kung fu organization more cohesive and make advancement easier for students.

For more information about the re-aligned syllabus click on the ‘Syllabus and Grades’ link at the top of the page.

Transitional arrangements:

All students will maintain their current grade under the re-aligned syllabus, it may simply take some students a little longer to be ready for their next grading as there may be additional material for them to learn under the re-aligned syllabus.


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