Grading Results – 21st August 2010

There was a kung fu grading held on Saturday 21st August 2010 at the Northshore Kung Fu and Qigong Health Centre.

Everyone can be very pleased with how they did on the day.

Below are the results and some photos.


Some of the adult kung fu students with their certificates from grading along with other class members. Missing from the photo is Chris Hunter
The Kids with their certificates and other Tuesday afternoon class members
Jermaine – the lone teen to grade



  • Oliver Wise – Blue Belt
  • Jan Abraham Nel – Orange Belt
  • Chandana Pathirage – Orange Belt
  • Stephen Scott – Yellow Belt
  • Justin Loza – Yellow Belt
  • Christopher Hunter – Yellow Belt
  • David Cave – Yellow Belt
  • Ken Bailey – Yellow Belt


  • Josh Holt – Orange Belt
  • Daniel O’Loughlin – Orange Belt
  • Emil Roding – Orange Belt
  • Alyssa Donovan-Smith – Orange Tip
  • Callum Ross – Orange Tip
  • Howard Li – Orange Tip
  • Michael Penning – Orange Tip
  • Mia Rua – Orange Tip


  • Jermaine Maru – Orange Belt

Congratulations everyone.  The next grading is likely to be in November, so continue to work hard for one more grading before the end of the year!



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